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Mar 16 2010 | Comments


Push Pin Portrait Completed

Push Pin Portrait Completed

Up Close you can see the push- pins

Up Close you can see the push pins.
Push pin portrait by Eric Daigh

Push pin portrait by Eric Daigh

It arrived today   –  my push pin portrait by Eric Daigh. The whole story is in an earlier post when we met him at an opening and Glenn commissioned him to do a portrait of me.  For those of you who missed the earlier blog, Eric is an incredibly talented artist from Michigan.  He makes these Chuck Close like portraits using thousands and thousands of push pins.

Someday he will be VERY famous and you will remember I told you about him.

I’d get one now before he gets really expensive.

PS – I told him about the eye-lift before he started so he didn’t do black push pins under my eyes!

  • Wow. VERY nice work. What a cool idea. Well executed… but he’s nothing without a subject!!!

  • WOW! That is amazing! Very cool, Tracey! People can be so creative…