Tracey Jackson

Jul 2 2012 | 6 Comments


I give so many businesses and events ink I decided it was time to devote some to my better half, my husband, the person who has to put up with me 24/7.

In his little empire, he is sort of a little emperor, the emperor of the Catskills Lucy calls him, but since leaving the Catskills and staking his claim in New York he has run one main business with the very original name of  Glenn Horowitz Bookseller.   He is primarily a rare book and manuscript dealer, with a specialty in very high end archives. His main business has spawned off others other the years including a bookstore in East Hampton he opened  twenty years ago this year.

It has been under the different hands with different  aesthetics over the years and has recently undergone another transformation.  Over the winter it went from cluttered and piled with books and certain ephemera to being stripped down, minimized,  re-imagined, re-envisioned, moved two doors down and as of now re-opened. It has never looked better.

Along with books there are several art shows and installations over  the course of every summer.  The first of the this season was a showing of recently discovered  photos taken by Andy  Warhol of his house in Montauk which is now owned by J. Crew’s Mickey Drexler.

This last weekend he opened his new show which is comprised of work but the installation artist Paula Hayes best known for her magical, self-contained universes, housed in terrariums made of hand blown glass. They are perfect for the light, air and feel of the East End of Long Island  and feel totally organic to the new space Glenn has created.

The New Front


The New Clean Layout of the Shop


Drawings by Paula Hayes hang above table with select first editions.


Work By Paula Hayes


Drawings By Paula


One of her planters with semi precious stones


Free Standing Self-Contained Pond


Inside of Stone Terrarium


The Ecco Friendly Universes by Paula Hayes


Glenn and Paula


Artist Paula Hayes


  • Matt

    The new gallery and all of the vitrines look amazing. It makes me very happy to see Glenn continuing to move forward and show more interesting and beautiful pieces. I hope I can break away at some point and visit soon. I feel like I need to touch base to recharge every now and then, you know?

  • jenzach

    The store looks fantastic (I love the floors) and I think Paula’s pieces are very interesting. Congratulations, Glenn!  Hope you have a wonderful summer season.

  • Lynnda B

    Lovely! Very inviting space…Congratulations to Glenn and best of luck in the new venue!
    I am leaving for Maine on Friday…maybe i will stop by on my way to…..

  • mariana

    love the new shop, it totally doesn’t look like archives but definitely high-end. Good luck in the new “home” Glenn! throw some coins behind the front door and leave them there – hey, you can have them in a nice Paula bowl



  • Peter

    Long Live GBH! congratulations Glenn !! 20 years in EH! You and your cohorts have been the cornerstone of my artistic life out here for all these years. Happy 4th of july!!