Tracey Jackson

Mar 17 2014 | Comments


It feels like I have not been paying much attention to this site. And truth is I haven’t.  I have been furiously working on the book I am writing with Paul Williams. Final edits are almost in and I will then have  time to return to blogging. Thank you for being patient. Perhaps you don’t even care. Hell, maybe you didn’t even notice. In which case forget I said anything.

Though if you really miss my writing you can read this piece I did for Gratitude and Trust today.

  • CindyBouchard

    I miss you yet honor your commitment… you go girl!

  • Larry

    Sure we noticed we all miss your humorous insights and opinions. You never cease to amaze me at how much you accomplish I a daily basis. I am GRATEFUL for you blogs and TRUST they will begin soon. God Bless.