Tracey Jackson

May 27 2014 | Comments



I know many people will say, “Here she goes again.”  I’m almost getting tired of the thoughts and emotions that rattle around in my  head when it comes to the subject of gun control.

But in fact I’m not tired with my thoughts, I’m fed up that with the fact things are only getting worse. I am quite comfortable with  my rational, justified fury at The NRA and the government for supporting them. I have no choice but to  still loathe  the gun lobbyists  and the money hungry people who will and do sell guns to any crazy person that walks in off the street.  I am not tired of being irate that we have no gun control in this country. I’m not sick of being furious that we don’t do real background checks or that we don’t limit what people can buy and where. I nurture my disdain  that any nut job can walk in and buy assault rifles and as much ammo has they want. Because if we get sick of feeling this way, there will never be any hope for change.

What I am truly disgusted and sickened by is that day after day, month after month, now year after year we are faced with senseless shootings, maimings and killings of innocent people, by the endless parade of lunatics who have access to lethal weapons.

People can lose their lives because some crazy kid never got laid and can walk into three gun shops and buy three different guns without any communication between those sellers: without anyone paying any attention to the fact he has been considered a crazy, loose canon for years. Without them bothering to check out where he might have been online and what he could have been doing there, and what homicidal thoughts he had been spewing.

I’m really, really, really fed up with the NRA and the absolute power they wield.

I’m sick of  hearing the jackasses say things like, “We need to protect ourselves.”  “We have to honor the Second Amendment.”   Well, the Second Amendment was written with muskets in mind, not AK-47s and all the battle ready arms that you can pick up at your neighborhood Wal-Mart.

And I would like to know if  Wayne LaPierre would change his mind if one of his kids was killed in cold blood by a lunatic with an AR-15?

You can’t get meds as easily as you can get guns in this country. It’s harder for me to get an asthma inhaler than it is for me get an assault rifle.

Think about that for a second…. an asthma inhaler – harder to come by – more tightly regulated than ammunition in this great land of ours.

What the hell am I going to do, walk into a McDonalds and spritz everyone with some steroid mist?  I’m not going to kill twenty-six people, most of them children by pressing the trigger on  my asthma inhaler.

But I can’t get one without endless paper work.  And I can’t get more than one a month without jumping through some serious hoops. And forget about my Klonopan.  Everytime I buy some of that it’s registered with the State of New York. And God forbid I lose them;  it’s virtually impossible to get more.  And I’m not about to walk onto a campus or into a movie theatre and sprinkle them on the crowd and decimate them.

I know the danger of prescription meds and the need to regulate them, but I’m making a point.

But we don’t do a damn thing to control guns. And it’s getting worse and worse and worse and nobody cares. And the NRA just yells louder that  “We all the have the right to bear arms.”

Well, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, we do not all have the right; that is proven each time one of these atrocities occurs.

And should the privileges of some be taken away because of the irresponsible actions of a few?

You bet they should. Because the word “few” no longer applies.  In the first 18 days of this year there were 9 shootings in schools. That is one every other day. That is not a few that is constant. That translates into you are safer sending your fourteen year old to do a tour of duty in Afghanistan than to Jr. High.

Do we really think that is what they were thinking when they drew up the Constitution? I don’t.


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This entire family should be deported.

This entire family should be deported.

  • Larry

    I absolutely love it. Hard to believe that you had my hysterical laughing about such a serious subject. The inhaler analogy is perfect and a riot. I share your outrage. Go T!

  • Thank you Larry! So many of us are on the same page, but it never seems to turn. And then there you are in the heart of gun country. Must not be easy. Maybe someday in our lifetime we will see a change. Maybe, maybe if we keep on yelling….

  • Lydia Emmet Winkeller

    what is a Kinder surprise? and why is it illegal?

    and I love that our school district won’t let kids bring cupcakes to school for their birthdays, because they aren’t healthy, and they won’t let my 12 year old girls wear yoga pants, but someone could easily walk in with an AK-47

  • Rich Goldstein

    One of my favorite suggestions for disarmament is that anyone who wants a gun to hunt the elk should be able to get one by checking it out like a pair of bowling shoes []. But none of the gun owners to whom I suggest that seem interested in the idea. Everyone should turn in their guns. Especially the police. Full disarmament. Firearms have no place in the future.

  • It’s some kind of candy with a toy in it. My guess is it has to do with choking. Kids gobbling up the candy at the toy in tandem. But the photo works well! It’s all nuts. NUTS!

  • Yes Rich. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I agree with you wholeheartedly. There are those who say we are crazy to think or wish for such things. But so let the craziness reign.
    I don’t mind law enforcement having them. That I am fine with. They need it. But not civilians.

  • Lydia Emmet Winkeller

    oh, well potential choking is a much more serious thing than getting shot by some mentally ill person with an AK-47. the thing that gets me (and I am by no means a gun expert) is that assault rifles like that are NOT used for shooting deer that can be eaten, made into clothes, or for shoot skeets (is that right?) that are clay disks for sport. AK-47s are specifically designed to shoot people, and to shoot a lot of people as quickly as possible. Which in war maybe necessary (I won’t get into a discussion of war here) but there is absolutely no GOOD reason for a civilian to have one. even with a three day waiting period. How many times do the neighbors of mass murderers say “he was so quiet, such a nice boy” – you just don’t know.

  • Larry

    You’re right Tracey. Here in Texas even the K-9s are strapped.