Tracey Jackson

Dec 1 2017 | Comments

Quarter-Life Crisis Got You Down? Try These Books

Gratitude and Trust is included in this list of 15 vetted nonfiction books recommends for working your way through your quarter-life crisis:

Gratitude and Trust: Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life by Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson. ‘The first step toward feeling better about yourself and your life is the realization that you are what’s standing in your way.’ Ouch. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but Jackson and Williams’ six affirmations give you the help you need to get past it.”

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  • nancy clausen

    Excellent read even though I was not having a quarter life crisis. Tracey are you doing your coat drive this year–I have taken care of everything else, but always save some for the coats! if so you will have to send me your office address again–please!

    XO, Nancy