Tracey Jackson

Jan 8 2018 | Comments


Last night did not feel like the right time to post this.  But if ever there was a day to be on Oprah’s amazing, inspirational podcast Super Soul Conversations, it would have been this morning.  And somehow, somewhere, someone decided this mornings slot would be given to Paul Williams and me.

We only found out it was happening last Friday.   And the thing is I listen to these podcasts.  Every day. While I’m getting ready in the morning I have stopped listening to the news and I start my day with Oprah and her positive, you can do anything podcast.

I suggest everyone subscribe to this.  Go to iTunes and just do it. It’s free! And listen to them, they all have something valuable you will find yourself using in your daily lives.

If you don’t want to do that and you just want to hear ours~

Here is the link.

Who knows maybe someday I will say I was interviewed by the first female President!