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About Tracey Jackson

Tracey Jackson always seems to end up doing exactly the opposite of what she planned. In her twenties she lived in New York, at first she wanted to be Marlo Thomas in That Girl. When that didn’t work out she decided she would settle on being the next Neil Simon. The one thing she knew was she did not want to move to LA and sit under a palm tree writing for TV. Even though by then that is exactly what Neil Simon was doing.

Within six months of that declaration she was sitting under a palm tree writing the pilot for “Babes”, the FOX sitcom about fat people.

Eventually she wanted out of TV, she tired of staying up late with a lot of guys eating junk food so she decided to write movies. Her agents told her she couldn’t. She changed agents, the new agents told her TV was it. She proved them wrong. She wrote a few spec scripts, sold them and then wrote romantic comedies for twelve years.

Tracey loves India. People said, “Don’t write about India, nobody will make movies there.” Again, she paid no attention. She wrote The Guru for Working Title Films, which was the first Hollywood/Bollywood crossover film. Tracey then proceeded to write four films in or about India. The Other End of the Line, a trans-global love story, was produced my MGM. She wrote “Ashes to Ashes” for and with Goldie Hawn, which will come out someday, because Goldie doesn’t take no for an answer either.

Tracey has written over fifteen feature films and fourteen television pilots. She really wanted to write for the biggest producer in the world, Jerry Bruckheimer, but everyone said she couldn’t do that because she was a girl and she did comedy, but then she got herself hired to adapt Confessions of a Shopaholic – for Jerry Bruckheimer.

The last thing Tracey ever thought of doing was making a first person documentary, especially one where she was at the center. But, like many things she never thought she wanted to do, she somehow found herself smack dab in the middle of her first documentary, Lucky Ducks.

Despite the fact her fourth grade teacher Mrs. Harding was convinced Tracey would be an author Tracey begged to differ. But one night at a cocktail party she pitched a book idea, mostly to sound interesting and like part of the group. But before she knew it she had a deal to write the comedic self-help, coming of mid-life memoir Between a Rock and a Hot Place for Harper Collins.

Tracey like all of us has her share of bad habits, but substance abuse has never been one of them. So true to form, Tracey ended up writing a best selling book about addiction called Gratitude and Trust; Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life with her longtime friend the songwriter Paul Williams.  Tracey and Paul were blessed to be featured on Super Soul Sunday with Oprah.  They  had a podcast on Podcastone called Gratitude and Trust!

Tracey is now writing a TV pilot for FreeMantle and thinks she will return to her television roots for awhile.

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